Lyle Haskin

Wheaton, Illinois Attorney


Lyle continues his 48-year career practicing family law and creating strategies to achieve excellent results for clients in complex matters related to divorce, business, and personal financial issues.   Based on nearly 50 years of experience, Lyle guides clients through complexities that are new and, perhaps, unnerving, to the client.  Lyle listens and understands your needs and works with you towards a plan to obtain the best possible results for you. 


Lyle earned his Juris Doctor degree from IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law in 1972, after having earned a BA from Northern Illinois University.  Over the years, Lyle has received recognition and awards from professional and educational organizations and has presented at many seminars for lawyers and judges.   


After owning and managing his own law firms for 46 years, in 2018 Lyle and his partners decided to dissolve their joint law firm.  In January 2019, Lyle formed Haskin Law.  Simultaneously, Lyle entered a new role as “of counsel” with Roberts PC.  Lyle’s association with Roberts PC greatly enhances his ability to practice law in a highly-respected law firm that maintains the highest level of professional standards and acumen.  Lyle’s former law partner of 26 years, Barbara Corrigan, joined Roberts PC in 2018.  So, Lyle and Barbara continue to practice law together and continue to enjoy the synergy that they developed in their law practice over those 26 years.  And the bonus is that Lyle and Chuck Roberts, the owner of Roberts PC, have been friends and professional colleagues for many years.  This new collaboration brings mutual benefits and enhancements to their respective and joint practices – all to the benefit of the clients.